Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Party Pictures

I finally have pictures from my parent's surprise party to put up. Please enjoy! :)

The invitation.

This was the entrance to the gym - we put up black paper and Christmas lights to direct people to the party.

Inside the gym we had lights up and covered the floor with black paper. Parker put together a slide show that played up agains the wall.

We brought our deck furniture inside to use.

Karis put Mom's wedding dress and Dad's tuxedo on sewing forms (you can see them faintly in the background).

Fun table decorations ...

Mom and Dad were greeted by a large crowd of people as they arrived! Surprise!

Mom and Karis.

The gym full of all our family and friends!

We made Dad wear and Afro-Wig and Mom wear a veil to represent their wedding picture that we used for the invite.

We had a Birthday Cake and an Anniversary Cake.

Parker (the lumberjack) got some love from our Aunt Cheri at the end of the night.
He loved it.


Jamie said...

i think you should be an event planner. I can see you doing that and being ridiculously good at it.

Shera said...

Amazing! I love all the lights :)

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