Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series Game 1

Like most Americans, I grew up watching the Super Bowl. Unlike most people, we got up to get our snacks, had conversations, and muted the TV during the game. We cared more about the new commercials than anything else. As far as other sports went, my only memories of watching them on TV were when my grandpa or uncles were around.

Since Eddie and I have been married I think that I have seen more sports games than I have the rest of my life! I don't hate it by any means and I sure am learning a lot of really random tidbits that most other people learn much earlier in life. I am thankful that of all the sports Eddie's favorite is baseball because it's the one I probably know the most about.

Since tonight is the first game of the World Series (Texas Rangers vs. SanFrancisco Giants) I decided to make it a special event. We had beer brauts with garlic potato fries. Then for desert I made sugar cookies decorated like baseballs. It's been a fun night. Now if the Rangers would just pull it together and win this game it'd be a great night!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As of Friday afternoon, I became unemployed. My temporary job at SPU finally reached it's end, though they would have kept me if they had the money. It's good to finally have a definite end to this position but hard to lose the paycheck and familiarity of the job. It's strange to me that I have spent the last eight years at SPU (with the exception of the six months from when I quit working in Conference Services and was hired in Security). That is a really long time to be somewhere and while change is good, it scares me, in some ways, to try and reach beyond what I know.

I don't think goodbyes have ever been easy for me. I remember moving to a new house (one of many) when I was 6 or 7 and walking through the entire house saying goodbye to the walls and stairs, the garage doors, windows, and even the plants outside. I distinctly remember the feeling of loss I had as I realized that the memories I had of that home were all that I had left. Sure I could return years later and knock on the door, explain that I lived there as a child and ask to come inside, but that house, my house, would never be the same again.

I am probably being overly dramatic about this house. (A house that I lived in for probably two years when I was 6. A house that has come to be one out of the 19 places I have lived so far in my life.) But I share all this to point out that, in a way, my feelings are nothing new. Driving away from SPU at the end of each school year (and even sometimes during breaks) I always felt like I was leaving a part of me behind, like things would never be the same again for me.

When I left campus on Friday, I didn't have the same empty feeling I have had before. When I quit last August I was headed toward something new and exciting. Working that job (or any job for that matter) could not live up to what I was headed toward with my travels and relationship with Eddie. New adventures awaited me and I was anxious for them. This time when I left there was nothing specific ahead of me. I don't know what the future holds - I feel like I've been saying the same thing for the last year now - but I know I'll get where I'm supposed to go. Maybe I'm more at peace with myself now and maybe there really is nothing left for me at SPU. I'm not sure and only time will really be able to give me that answer.

For now, I'm here. I'm applying for jobs and trying to figure out what to do with my life professionally. I'm cleaning the apartment, doing dishes and laundry, and trying to finally get things set-up around here. I'm finishing Thank-You notes, watching movies, bonding with Daphne, and learning how to cook a little better. Life is happening and I'm trying to be in the moment.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm a bad blogger, I know. I've been super delinquent in my blogging lately - it's kind of been a theme for the last several months, pretty much since I got back from Europe it seems. Hopefully that will change in the near future, but we'll see.

I guess the update is pretty straight forward. Not much is up. It's a lot of the same old, same old happening here. I'm working at Security (temporarily - though I have been saying that since March) and Eddie is working in a contracted position through next Spring. Eddie is also going to school full time and we're both trying to get into a better work-out routine. Between all that and trying to see each other and our friends, life is busy, very busy. It's a little overwhelming at times - ok a lot of the time. But we're learning to deal with it and we're still enjoying facing it all together.

We have no complaints about being married - at least I don't and he says he doesn't (haha) - which I think is pretty amazing considering all the one-on-one time we've had driving around and visiting different places and people. We took a road trip in September to Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks - driving over 2000 miles. Then this last weekend we drove to and from Vegas. Basically, lots of time spent together in my little Volvo and no major fights. Knock on wood.

We are both anxious to move out of our Tukwila apartment and into a better neighborhood that doesn't have police, fire trucks, and ambulances present on a regular basis. Since we've been married we've seen the Medical Examiner twice. This last weekend while we were in Vegas the house behind the apartment (which we can view from our bedroom) caught on fire and someone died. We even saw the body bag pulled out of the house from our window. Between that and Eddie's truck being broken into and the smell of smoke drifting through the floorboards we are anxious to leave.

This coming weekend will be our first night apart since being married and as Eddie told me last night, "I'm sure it wont be the last." It's not a huge deal, but just strange to think about. I've gotten used to him being around all the time.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I'll remember to post some updates next week after girls weekend. :)
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