Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What happens in Lakebay ...

I feel like my last few posts have been kind of negative - like I'm complaining about my family and an trying to justify my trip to them. And maybe I am, but that was not my intention in writing. So, in an effort to lighten up the mood I am sharing a few pictures from my recent trip to Lakebay. What happens in Lakebay stays in Lakebay right? (except when I post the pictures online for the world to see ...)
This dress was purchased for homecoming my Junior year of high school. My parents (specifically my dad) HATED it but I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I found it this weekend when I was going through old clothes. Of course this meant I had to try it on. My mom provided me with her "Russian" fur hat. But basically, this is my ugly green dress and I'll probably keep it forever. Sorry Dad!

I'd say this picture personifies my relationship with my brother Parker. To be fair, he was looking at the camera at first, but then it took forever to take the picture so he turned around. This was on our way to the movie theater to see W at Parker's insistence. Unfortunately the film did not live up to his expectations.

That's it for now ... I'm sure more will come later. :)


Jamie said...

I heard the movie was kind of a flop? true?

Sarah said...

Ann, I just found your blog! Love it so far! I am all for traveling alone as a'll love it! There some great books out there for women traveling solo if you want to reassure the fam that you learned good tips...;-)

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