Saturday, November 1, 2008


For those of you who do not know, I am back at home in Lakebay this weekend. It is my parent's 50th birthdays this month and my brother and sister and I are throwing them a surprise party that is also going to celebrate their 25th (almost 26th - in January) wedding anniversary. They have pretty much caught on to the idea that we're doing something but I am pretty sure they do not have a clue as to what extent it is going to be. We're trying to make the party fancy and it's turning out to definitely be different than any other party we've ever thrown at our house - and we've thrown some good parties.

As excited as I am for the party, I'm also really stressed out about it. Everyone is showing up at 6pm tonight (the parents at 6:30) and I need another day to get everything ready! We're probably about halfway done getting the room ready and we still have to cook and prepare everything. We also decided we're making pasta. I thought it'd be an easy thing to cook for a large quantity of people, but I'm now beginning to process and ask myself how I'm going to keep the chicken and mean sauce and pasta warm between the preparing stage and the eating stage. I really am hoping this doesn't all just blow apart in my face.

I'm already WAY over budget, which is frustrating because I'm going to end up paying for a huge chunk of the party (my brother and sister can't afford to contribute a whole lot) and I'm trying to save every penny for Europe! Agh ... so much stress ...

I probably shouldn't be taking the time to write this even - but I had to kill a half hour while waiting outside in case my high maintenance clients called - my work cell phone only gets reception in a few key areas at my parent's house. So far no calls - but my toes are for sure frozen.

Well ... I think that's it for the moment except that the view from our deck is fantastic right now. The blue sky reflecting in the water with the fall colored trees on the other side of the lake. It really is beautiful. I'm going to miss this when we sell the house.

Happy November Everyone!

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