Friday, May 15, 2009

At That Point

I'm kind of at that point where I've stopped caring. It's sad to say, but the telltale signs are here.

1. I've stopped wearing make-up on a regular basis. I still throw on little cover-up. If I'm lucky I'll put on mascara - but that's it. No eyeliner - that's too much work.

2. I put baby powder in my hair. It may seem like if I'm going to go through the effort to powder my hair, I might as well wash it, but no, that's way more involved - mostly because the hairdryer and straightener have to make an appearance. It's much easier to powder it and pull it into a pony tail, which is sign #3.

3. My hair is in a ponytail most days of the week. I don't want to fix it or do it or whatever. I just want it out of my way.

4. Instead of getting to work 15-20 minutes every day, I've been arriving exactly on-time or maybe 2-5 minutes ahead of time. The snooze button is being used more frequently.

5. I'm seeking out distractions to fill my time up with. I'm bored and I don't know what to do about it.

I do have a new film review post coming soon. I need to finalize some thoughts still, but that'll probably appear sometime this weekend - if not today. Happy Friday everyone. :)


Elizabeth Joy said...

I'm on day five of not showering if that makes you feel any better...


andrea said...

I feel ya! I've been meaning to blog about this as well! In fact, you've just inspired me!

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