Friday, February 19, 2010

Extended Absense

Hi Friends,

I know I have been abnormally absent and I plan to update this soon. Life has been busy with more traveling and wedding planning. My plan and goal is to get myself into a more rigid routine in the next week so that I can keep myself on track and organize my life so that I don't feel so scattered.

I have created a new blog,, which is where I will be posting wedding updates and details. Please feel free to follow along there as well. I also have created a website on The Knot. There is some cross-over from the sites but the website has more of the "details" whereas the blog has more of the "process." Or at least it will as I continue to update things.

Anyway, I am still here, alive and kickin. More details will come soon. I promise!

For now I am off to work out so that I can fit into my dress come June. Talk about a real motivator!

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