Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking for Recommendations

I've made a list of the countries I want to visit on my trip and now I am researching what to do in each country and which cities I need to make sure to visit. Below is a list of the countries and the approximate amount of time I am hoping to spend in each place. It added up to 52 weeks exactly - which is a little strange, but kind of cool.

Basically, I am looking for recommendations in each country. I know the basic stuff that I want to see and do, but since I also want to explore everyday life and not just the tourist stuff. I'm hoping that people who have been to the various locations might be able to offer suggestions. Also, the time periods aren't set in stone by any means. If you think I'm spending too much time somewhere or not enough - let me know!


England - 3 weeks
Ireland - 2 weeks
Spain - 2 weeks
France - 4 weeks
Portugal - 2 weeks
Belgium - 1 week
Amsterdam - 1 week
Germany - 4 weeks
Denmark - 2 weeks
Norway - 2 weeks
Sweden - 2 weeks
Poland - 2 weeks
Czech Republic - 2 weeks
Austria - 3 weeks
Switzerland - 2 weeks
Italy - 4 weeks
Slovakia - 2 weeks
Greece - 4 weeks
Turkey - 2 weeks
Russia/Ukraine - 2 weeks
Morocco - 2 weeks
Egypt - 2 weeks


Andrea said...

I was in Switzerland for 4 weeks and Belgium for 1 on my trip and to be honest, I wish it were the other way around. Granted I was in Geneva the whole time, but Switzerland is very busniesslike and there isn't really a whole to do as far as having fun goes. Yeah there are a lot of sweet churches and the land itself is SOOOOOO beautiful, but Brussels Belgium is full of fun things to do and places to explore. Also, I HIGHLY reccomend you go to Charmonix, France and hike up Mont Blanc in the French Alps. If you go to Geneva, Switzerland it is really close by and you will love it. The views are incredible and the hike's not too bad. I went in June and there was snow on top but you can hike in flip flops. :) Haha.

Man I'm so jealous of you.

anng said...

You're the second person to recommend Charmonix to me! I'm definitely going to check it out. I've heard it's beautiful during winter with all the snow and stuff, so I'm going to make it happen. :)

Thanks for the tips! You're always welcome to join me for a leg of the trip. :)

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