Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ancient Corinth

Yesterday I spent three hours getting to Ancient Corinth and then three hours getting back to Athens - though I only spent two hours in Ancient Corinth. I didn't even have any transportation drama (other than the bus I had to connect with being late) - it just takes awhile to get there! I think it's funny that I spent more time traveling than actually visiting the site, but oh well. :)

I enjoyed my visit to the ancient site and even read some of 2 Corinthians while I was there. I thought it was only appropriate to do so. I met a girl from Japan who has been traveling for a week through Greece (she heads home this week). We rode the bus together and chatted a little, but didn't exchange too much information.

Today I officially explored Athens. I have gone out into the city a few times since I arrived in Greece but I hadn't been back to the Acropolis yet. Today I went to the National Archeology Museum, the Keramikos (museum and ruins), the Roman Agora, the Acropolis, and the Acropolis Museum. The Acropolis Museum was a bit disappointing. When I went three years ago it was much smaller and at the top of the Acropolis, now they have built a big fancy new museum at the base, which is pretty cool, but it feels way more pretentious and I think I expected more from it. I was also a little "museumed-out" by the time I got there this afternoon.

About 4 o'clock I hit a wall and decided to just head back to my hostel. I even splurged and took the metro back instead of walking and saving the money. I know I'm really tired when I'm willing to spend money on something that isn't totally necessary. :)

Tomorrow the plan is to go to Delphi. Everything I read online says that it is open - so I hope I'm not disappointed. I have decided that I for sure want to come back to Athens at some point in the future, so worse case if things don't work out this time there is always next time. I'd still really like it to work out this time around though.

I started a new photo album on facebook (number 10) and the link is posted on the blog for those of you who are not facebook members. Please enjoy!

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