Monday, November 2, 2009

Kalambaka and Meteora

I'm in Greece! Yay!

I arrived much later than I had expected - due to my confusion about when the ferry would arrive in port (at 9:30 not at 8:15 as scheduled) and then having to wait for the bus. I also had fun finding my hotel when the bus dropped me off - in the middle of town not really even at a stop. So funny.

Anyway, I am here and settled into my room. I went and walked around the mountain hermit caves a bit - well near the area where they are. I didn't go in them because I wasn't so sure it was a good idea alone (the little mom/dad/boyfriend/friend voices in the back of my head said to turn around). I took some fun pictures though (posted on facebook) and even explored town and enjoyed a gyro for only 2 euros! It was delicious. I love how in Greece they put french fries in the gyros and this one had ketchup in it too! I also bought some baklava which I will enjoy in a little bit.

Tomorrow I am going to try and be at one of the monasteries right as it opens at 9 or 10. I will have to take a taxi up there for 6 euro since the buses that I had planned to take only run during the summertime. Lame. Oh well. I will taxi up there and walk back - it is supposed to take like 3 or 4 hours to walk back. I have a bus that I can take at 3:15 so that should give me enough time to walk around and enjoy the monastery and then walk back to town to pick-up my bag and catch my bus.

I have been trying to research my trip some more and figure out when I should use my rail pass versus buying individual tickets but have run into a few problems. Hopefully I will be able to spend some time online in ThessalonĂ­ki figuring it out. I will be couch surfing there for three nights before I go to Istanbul.

Well, I am off to bed as soon as I upload pictures. Enjoy!

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