Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Plans, Again!

Getting to and from Istanbul is proving to be quite the headache, so I have decided to change my plans once again. I'm good with this decision as I had not planned to be in Istanbul for a significant amount of time and considering how much it was going to cost and how ambivalent I was toward having to see the sights I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I would still love to spend some time in Turkey someday, but it's not high on my priority list.

Here is the new plan:
11/4: Thessaloniki
11/5: Ferry from Thess to Lesvos Island
11/6: Lesvos
11/7: Lesvos
11/8: Ferry from Lesvos to Karlovassi on Samos Island
11/9: Karlovassi
11/10: Ferry from Karlovassi to Rhodes
11/11: Rhodes
11/12: Ferry from Rhodes to Santorini
11/13: Santorini
11/14: Santorini to Argos
11/15: Day trip to Corinth from Argos
11/16: Day trip to Mycenae from Argos
11/17: Argos to Olympia
11/18: Olympia
11/19: Olympia to Athens
11/20-24: Athens (one of those days will be a day trip to Thebes)
11/24: Athens to Delphi
11/25: Delphi to Athens, Athens to Paris (by plane of course)
11/26: Day trip to Lyon from Paris
11/27: Meet up with Eddie in Paris!
11/28-12/1: Paris (one of those days will be a day trip to Versailles)
12/2: Paris to Mont Saint Michele
12/3: Mont Saint Michele to Rouen to Paris
12/4: Paris to London via Chunnel - Eddie back to Seattle
12/5-6: London
12/7: London to Dublin
12/8: Dublin
12/9: Dublin to Seattle!

So that is the plan. Hopefully now that it's getting closer to the end of the trip they will stay a bit more finalized, but who knows! :)

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