Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Change of Plans ...

My plans have changed again, big surprise huh?

I was scheduled to go to Trier yesterday which was going to be a big trip since it takes about 2 ½ hours from Cologne each way. I got a late start to my day and missed the early 9:15 train – so I opted to just have another low key day in Cologne. I slept a bit longer (which was great), took a shower (in the kitchen, as that is where the shower is located at the couch surfing flat I was staying in), and got to use a hairdryer for the first time in a month! What a treat! J I then worked on making new plans and spent time wandering around a different area of Cologne that I had not explored so far.

Trier is a medieval town with an old dom, gate, church, etc. Since I did not make it there, I have replaced it with another medieval town, the town of Erfurt. I am on the train on my way to this location as I type and will be there by the time I am able to post this blog update. My couch surfing hosts, Sue and Bastien, recommended it to me. They stopped and visited the town several years ago on their way to Dresden and said it was quite lovely. I am sure that it will be wonderful. I was able to look up some information online last night and have a bit of a plan. I have a hostel there that has a kitchen for use, so I am excited to cook a little bit tonight perhaps.

Tomorrow I will head into Dresden. I am couch surfing for my first night, staying in a hostel the second, and then couch surfing with a different host for the remaining two nights. I will have two day trips in Dresden, one to Gohrisch and one to Leipzig. On Tuesday I will head to Prague from Dresden. I am excited to be moving on to my next country in less than a week, although it is strange to think that I am already done with Germany (well almost). The Czech Republic and Hungary are short stays – each about 5-10 days – and then I head to Greece for a few weeks. I’m very excited about that phase of the trip!

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HeatherAnne said...

Shera and I spent 3 days in Cologne- I loved it there! It's so amazing when you step off the train and the Dom Cathedral is RIGHT THERE :) loved it!

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