Thursday, September 24, 2009


Written last night …

Well I arrived in Erfurt around 1:30 this afternoon and checked in at my hostel. It’s a pretty nice place – I think the website said it used to be an old prison, but that could be me confusing it with another location. I have too many places in my head.

The town is beautiful and has lots of old buildings to look at. I visited the Mariendom, the big church in town. It is very intricate inside and very cool to see. I will try to post pictures at my next stop since I have to pay to be online at this hostel and I would rather update blogs than post pictures! I also went to the Kramerbrucke which is a bridge that is covered in shopping areas. It is an attraction for the town. I also climbed a tower – surprise, surprise, and made my way to the Augustinerkirche and kloster – a church and monastery. This was the monastery where Martin Luther spent his early years as a monk before he moved to Wittenberg.

There is also a fortress in the town that I visited and walked around a bit. It is called Zitadelle Petersberg and was quite lovely as well. I really enjoy the old buildings and seeing the cities and towns from a distance and above.

After all my walking today and climbing, my legs are a bit sore, so I am looking forward to a shower and maybe going to bed a little early and sleeping in! I am currently making some tortellini that I got at the grocery store for 1 euro. Hopefully it will be tasty and satisfying. I also have a new beer from the store to try. I bought yogurt at the store as well for breakfast tomorrow and I found some cocoa in the kitchen here at the hostel and I think I may make some hot chocolate tonight or maybe in the morning for breakfast. It just sounds delicious at the moment.

I will update from Dresden once I arrive tomorrow evening.

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