Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to Venice

Well, I slept well last night and woke up this morning quite refreshed. I had a chance to talk to Eddie in the AM and then headed out for my day around 9:45. My hostel is in what I call "fake" Venice. It's the part of Venice that is not the island, where cars abound. I am near the main train station - which is not the station on the island like I thought. Anyway, I took the bus to the main station this morning and walked around all day. It was great.

The grocery stores were not open yesterday since it was Sunday, so all I had to eat for dinner and then breakfast this morning was one apple, some rice cakes that I bought at the train station, and strawberry jam. What a feast. ;) When I got into "real" Venice today one of the first places I stopped was a bakery and a fruit stand. I bought two fresh rolls (so good!) some apples (also yummy) and then went to a little market to buy some cheese. I don't know what it is about European fruit, but it's way better than anything I have eaten in the states - and I've had some good Washington apples.

I ventured around town all day and have two blisters to prove it. It was quite nice out though, the sun was shining and I was even hot in the sunlight. It was nice enough that I could wear sandals and capris. I did wear my jacket most of the day, but not zipped up all the way like I usually do. It was quite nice actually. It definitely does not feel like the end of October here. I am hopeful that the good weather will stick around in Italy and in Greece and that I wont have to really experience winter until I get to France in the last month of my trip.

There are pictures posted on facebook from my day, as well as a new video (it's currently still uploading). I have put a link to album #7 on the right side of the screen so hopefully those of you not on facebook can still access the photos. Well, I am off - lots of love sent your way from Venice. Have a wonderful last week of October everyone!

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