Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giving Directions

Today I visited the Prague Castle and the Malá Strana (Lesser Town). I walked from my hostel to a nearby grocery store to pick up some cheese and bread for lunch and then began my adventure. I crossed the Charles Bridge (Karluv most) and bought some souvenir gifts for two wonderful people in my life. I found my way to the John Lennon Wall and then wandered around the streets until I found the castle. You can walk through the courtyard and visit the cathedral for free, but you have to pay to go into the actual castle. I opted for the free option and enjoyed winding my way through the courtyard taking pictures.

The St. Vitus Cathedral, Vitus being the patron saint for epileptics and preventer or oversleeping, is big and gothic and beautiful – but overcrowded with tourists. From the castle I could see just about all of Prague and took some fun pictures. I could see a garden area that had a giant concrete wall. Someone near me said that it was skulls built into the wall. I didn’t remember reading about this or seeing anything in my maps so I checked it out myself. It’s not skulls at all, just a giant concrete wall that has shapes and figures built into it. Some of the shapes look like faces, but no skulls.

After I made my way down from the castle I was going to go see the St. Nicholaus Church, but for a $3 entrance fee I decided to go get a beer instead since I couldn’t even take pictures inside. So lame. Instead I went to Ceska hospoda to enjoy a .5 L Staropramen for all of 25 czk – about $1.45. I am a fan of that.

I think tonight will be another relatively quiet night in for me. I bought some hot dogs at the store last night and will eat a few of them for dinner tonight along with my bread and cheese and beer. Tomorrow I will finish up the few things I haven’t done yet, like the church with the severed arm and try to go to St. Nicholas’ Church in the old town square. I’m debating about climbing the clock tower since I have my city view from the castle, even though it isn’t a full 360 degree view. Tomorrow I will also go to the train station and buy my ticket for Saturday to Cesky Krumlúv and my ticket from there to Brno. I will also need to figure out my housing situation for Brno. I was waiting on a few leads about couch surfing but it does not look as though it will pan out. So sad.

My five male roommates are most likely going to be out drinking tonight so I should be able to fall asleep in peace, unlike last night as they chatted it up for awhile. I should also be able to avoid them walking around in their underwear. I guess that’s the risk you take when staying in a mixed dorm room. Who knows how loud they will be when they return to the room though, my guess is not very quiet, but we’ll see. I’m sure they will appreciate my 7am wake up again. :)

I am feeling good about Prague. I have been able to find my way around pretty well and I was even able to help two people out with directions today. I think for day 2.5 in Prague – really day two since the first day I didn’t go out into the city – that is pretty good. I gave someone directions yesterday too, but it was from where I had just been, so it doesn’t totally count. I’m impressed with my ability to recognize some street names already and know where they are. Yea me! Hahaha …

Well, that is the update from Prague. Nothing too exciting but nothing too terrifying either. I am safe and sound and doing just fine. I have a mission to purchase gloves while in The Czech Republic as well as a new lock. The cheap factor is appealing here and I know it is going to get cold soon so gloves would be a good idea. Also, the lock I bought in Munich broke last night. Somehow the bar got bent and it wont go back in the hole to lock again, so hopefully I will find something that is better quality but not too terribly expensive. Sounds like a plan eh?

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