Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Counting Up and Down

Today, October 13, is another big day of numbers.

Today is day 50 of my adventure.

I have been traveling for seven weeks and am beginning week eight.

This means there are 71 days left until I go home, or 10 more weeks (and a day).

In 11 days I will be halfway through the trip.

In 45 days I will get to see Eddie in Paris.

My birthday is two months from today.

Five months ago I e-mailed Eddie for the first time.

Today is big and yet so small. Tomorrow will be day 51 and will have just as much significance to me as it means I have made it through another day.

Yesterday I listened to part of last week's sermon from Bethany Community Church (my church in Seattle) and Pastor Dahlstrom. I couldn't finish the whole thing, but probably will today. He was talking about being in the moment and not always looking ahead and waiting for the next thing. This is something I fell like I have always struggled with and continue to do so. There is always something out there that is worth looking forward to. I am trying very hard not to disregard each day as it is happening and I think I am doing a fairly decent job - even though I am counting the days I have been here and looking forward to landmarks of my trip.

In other news, it is getting cold here. The weather report says it may snow later this week. That should be fun. I may need to invest in a scarf or hat (or both?) soon. I also need to buy new shampoo as I dropped my little bottle in the toilet this morning and decided there wasn't enough of it left worth salvaging. Should be a full day, I'll be sure to post pictures later tonight.

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