Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Day of Firsts

I had a lot of "first" experiences today.

1. I was sucked into my first tourist trap and paid almost $6 for just over an hour of internet.
2. I stumbled across my first European perv doing something very private in a public place.
3. I climbed to the top of my first mountain (ok, it's not really a mountain, but it might as well be).
4. I narrowly missed being pooped on by a pigeon for the first time.
5. A priest got mad at me for no apparent reason (that I can figure out anyway) and that has definitely not happened to me before. (He clapped his hands at me and motioned vigoriously for me to go over to him - I opted to just leave the church instead.
6. I spoke Hungarian for the first time and said, "hi" and "thank you." Of course now I cannot remember how to say either of them.
7. A Hungarian man hit on me for the first time. He wanted to know where I was from and how long I was in town for after I bought a souvenior from him. (Don't worry Eddie, I am not leaving you for the castle salesman. You're stuck with me for awhile.)
8. I made my first mistake at the grocery store when I meant to buy yogurt and bought sour cream instead.
9. I almost ran into a monk in the middle of the street. He suddenly appeared next to me in his robe and other monk accessories.
10. I almost fell down the stairs of a tower - oh wait, that's not the first time I have done that, but it is the first time in Hungary. :)

As you can tell I had a very full day. I think that is about it regarding my "firsts," but I did a lot more. I climbed a ginormous hill/mountain to the citadel and took lots of pictures. (Pictures are now up in album #5 on facebook.) I walked a lot and have some blisters to prove it. I visited a castle and two churches. I even managed to buy a few souvenirs and was back at my couch surfing hosts' flat by 4. Wow!

I have two more nights courch surfing in Budapest, then two nights in a hostel. I leave for Vienna on Monday and will be there for four or five nights. I'm sad to be leaving the "cheaper" countries, but am excited to be moving on to some places that I know a little bit more about already!

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