Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Death Stairs

The stairs leading to my apartment/room at this hostel have affectionately been named the death stairs by my roommates and I. I will have to take some pictures, although they don't look as bad as they actually are when you are on them. At first glance, I thought no problem, but after climbing up and down a few times I refuse to climb without holding onto the railing. They're quite ridiculous.

My roommates are pretty cool people who I enjoy. One is from Hawaii and the two others are from Australia. there is fifth girl from Connecticut but she hasn't really talked much to us yet. The four of us (minus the Connecticut girl) all ate dinner together last night and went out for a drink. Tonight we are planning to have a "dinner party" and all contribute a thing or two. It should be fun. I do think that I will opt out of going out tonight if they go. The bar wasn't that exciting AND not really worth the 4 euro for a drink when I can buy an entire bottle of wine for 2 euro at the store. Hmm ...

The weather is looking good this morning so I am hopeful that the trail will be open and I can go on the four hour hike through all five cities. I will probably catch the train back to town if I did as hiking four hours back doesn't sound extremely appealing at the moment, but we'll see. :) I guess I am off! Tomorrow my train is at 9:42 so I should be posting at least one more update before I leave, although I have a feeling pictures will not be up until I get to Venice. Ciao!

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