Friday, October 30, 2009


I saw David today. He is pretty cool and very big! I paid extra to buy my tickets a few weeks ago so that I wouldn't risk missing him again as my parents and I did three years ago. Unfortunately it was a waste of money to buy them in advance and pay the extra bit since there was absolultely no line when I went this morning at 10 for my 10:30 appointment. *sigh* Oh well, as Eddie said, I would have been more disappointed had I not gotten to see him again. It's just too bad I don't know the future all the time, it would definitely help me make my decisions now. :)

I spent about an hour at the Academia and then wandered around Florence some more. It's kind of what I have been doing for the last few days. Meandering and wandering. Yesterday I went on a walking tour and then climbed the Duamo. Again, it's too bad I can't tell the future because the weather was much better today, but oh well. I still got some fun shots yesterday. I bought a few souvenirs at the street market yesterday and then spent the evening back at my hostel. This place has been great. As I mentioned they provide free breakfast and dinner and it's fairly tasty. :) My first night I had pizza (Dad's is better) and last night I had spaghetti. I've been having bacon and eggs each morning with orange juice. I am quite a fan.

I also went to the street markets again today. I bought myself a loaf of bread and a pastry as well as some souvenirs/gifts. I am now back at the hostel waiting for the lock-out period to be over (in 45 minutes) so that I can go back to my room and retrieve the rest of my souvenirs and gifts to mail back home so I don't have to tote them through Greece. Tonight one of the girls from my room and I are going to go out and venture around the city after dark. It will be fun to have some night shots of town and it'll be good to be out with someone and not alone.

Tomorrow I take the train to Ancona where I will try to find the ferry terminal to catch an overnight ferry to Greece. Hopefully everything will work out. Worst case there are hostels in Ancona that I can crash at for the night and attempt the ferry on Sunday. I love adventures. I am anticipating an "active" crowd on the ferry as it will be Halloween night. I am not planning to do anything special. I'll save all of my creativity for next year and the years to come.

My last bit of news is that I am contemplating changing my flight home and returning two weeks early. There are a few reasons for this:
1. Everyone I tell that I will be in England/Scotland/Ireland in December looks at me like I'm a crazy person.
2. All the weather information I can find for these countries at that time of the year say how wet and cold and windy it is.
3. Most of the things I want to do involve being outside and walking around and all that jazz.
4. Flights to and from Dublin are not that expensive from Seattle - so I will definitely go back some day.
5. I'm tired and someone put the possibility into my head and now I can't let it go.
6. I'd get to be home for Eddie's and my birthdays.
7. I'd be able to go to Vegas with Eddie for one of his family's celebrations.
8. If my flight is delayed by a few days I wont miss Christmas.

I'm having a lot of trouble making the decision because I am stubborn and don't want to "quit" my trip. I feel like I need to stick it out. But I find myself wondering what the point of my trip is if I can't make my own decisions and do what I want to do. I planned my trip and it is my trip so I should be able to adjust it if I want to, right? Ugh ... I'm a very complicated person. I will probably make my decision in the next day or two, so I will keep you posted as to what I decide - of course.


Elizabeth Joy said...

you could meet me in Dublin in January with Jamie!

anng said...

Now that is an idea! :)

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