Friday, October 9, 2009


Today I ventured off to Momento Park. It's a museum talking about the communist time in Hungary. A part of the big park is Statue Park which houses several communist statues that were taken down around Budapest when the soviets left. Another part of the museum is a tribute to those who revolted against the soviet occupation, and information about the spies that worked for the government. The government had their own film studio that they made training videos to use to train new spies - everything from how to follow someone and bug their home to how to recruit new members. At the museum I was able to watch some of the videos. It was quite interesting. I am going to try to upload a little bit of video of the video that I took with my camera. :)

After the park I went back to my couch surfing hosts' home (well after going to the grocery store to get lunch). I uploaded a few pics and then set out again. I intended to walk to the Jewish Synagogue(I believe it is the largest one in Europe and second largest in the world), but I arrived a half an hour after they closed (oops)! I will have to return on Sunday (as they are closed on Saturday) to go through it. I then continued on to see the Parliament building close up. It was a bit of a walk and quite the adventure as part of the area surrounding the building is under construction, SO I had to walk on the beach. I am now at a bar enjoying a beer while I use the free wi-fi. In a little while I will head out to meet my CS host and join her at another bar/club for a bit. I do not know how long we will stay there, but it should be interesting none the less.

Tomorrow I go to a hostel to stay for two nights. I am looking forward to it a bit since I have been couch surfing a lot and it will be nice to have some of my own space (well as much as I can have in a hostel) and be able to do everything on my own terms. I love couch surfing for sure, but I need to alternate between that and hosteling or I get a little too overwhelmed by it all.

I posted a few more pictures today - you should be able to view them through the link I posted yesterday when I created my latest album. I'm sure more pictures will be up tomorrow as well. :-D Happy Friday night everyone!

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