Wednesday, August 26, 2009


They found my bag and delivered it! Yea! When I left the hostel this afternoon (at 5pm) I mentioned to the desk clerk that it might be coming. He seemed to already know what I was talking about and said that the airport had called to say they'd drop it off between 5 and 9. Well, they were true to their word. I returned to the hostel at 8:45 and there it was waiting for me! I haven't gone through it yet to make sure everything is there, but I’m not really worried. It feels just as heavy as when I left it in there care back in Seattle.

Now, let me tell you about my adventure around town and what I've learned today. :)

I decided to make my way to the Statens Museum for Kunst (or the Fine Arts/Modern Art Museum). Most of the museums close at 5 but on Wednesdays this one is open until 8 and it's free admission. I'm a fan of free. I enjoyed the museum. I thought some of the art was really fun and I always enjoy stumbling across pieces that I've studied or seen before but wasn't expecting to run into. For example, I saw some Picasso works, a Matisse self-portrait, and the famous Martin Luther portrait, among other things.

I enjoyed one of the special collections in particular; it was called Bees and Butterflies and was an exhibit all about love geared towards kids age 6-12. There was another artist that had a special collection displayed that was rather dark. I liked a few of his pieces, but some of them just creeped me out. I'm sorry to all of you artists out there who "get" the blatant sexual imagery in art, but I don't. I mean, yes I think the naked body can be artistically depicted, but sometimes I think it goes too far. The blatant phallic symbolism in this art that was displayed just disturbed me a little. I don't really get it, but whatever. It's probably my American modesty. ;)

The museum staff was very friendly with me. I had to check my bag because you're not allowed to bring it into parts of the museum but I didn't have any Danish currency yet, so they lent me a 10 kroner in exchange for my ID as collateral (not my passport, don't worry). Then when I got my stuff out of the locker I got the 10 kroner back and got my ID back. So very nice. The security guard was very patient with me since I don't know Danish and his English seemed limited.

When I left the museum I decided to just take some time to explore the area. I walked through King's Park and took some pictures of a castle/museum there as well as a cool statue and tree. Yes, I am a tourist. I found my way to the Stroget. The Stroget is a "famous" pedestrian only walkway with shops and tourist spots and food, etc. I strolled around for a bit looking for something to eat that wasn't ridiculously expensive. I finally found a 7-11 and got some yogurt and granola for the equivalent of $2. I found another store to get a sim card for my cell phone so that I can make calls to coordinate future hostel reservations and get train tickets, etc. I can also call home. :) On my way back to the hostel I found a grocery store and some somewhat reasonably priced food. I got an apple and an orange for $1 and felt much better.

I am learning that Denmark is just as expensive as everyone says it is. It's crazy! The vending machine is $3 for a pop and a candy bar is $2! I know small stores and vending machines are usually more expensive, but not that much more! I will definitely be returning to the grocery store and buying most of my food there in order to save as much money as possible! I do get breakfast at the hostel though, so I'll be sure to eat lots in the morning so that I can eat less in the evening and hopefully spend less money.

Another thing I have discovered about Copenhagen is that there are bikes everywhere! It's crazy how many bikes there are. I can't walk down the street without seeing a swarm of them coming at me or several parked on the side of the street. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, professions, male, and female ride these bikes - and they ride them fast without helmets. If you think Portland or Seattle is becoming too full of bikes, you haven't seen anything!

The last thing I'll comment on before I head to bed for the evening is how funny I think it is that everyone keeps talking to me in Danish. I'm sure it's just assumed that everyone speaks Danish until spoken to, but it makes me feel like I don't look or act like a tourist - even though I probably stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe my Danish genes are more visible than I realized or maybe the Danes are just very friendly people. I don't know, but either way, I've had a good experience so far and hope that it continues. :)

Well that's it for now folks. I'm sure I'll have a bit to write tomorrow, especially after my first night in a hostel. There are a bunch of Jr. High kids staying here and several of the boys have yet to discover deodorant. It's lovely.

I still don't have time to write down my whole itinerary, but here is the plan for the next week or so:

Aug 26 (today): Arrive in Copenhagen, stay in Copenhagen

August 27-29: Copenhagen

August 29: Leave Copenhagen early morning and go to Hillerod, stay the night

August 30: Early morning take the train to Mon and stay overnight

September 1: Early morning take the train to Arthus and stay

September 2: Arthus in the day, evening train to Aalborg

September 3: Aalborg in the day, evening train to Ribe

September 4: Ribe during the day, evening bus to Hamburg, Germany

September 5: Hamburg

September 6: Hamburg during the day, evening train to Berlin

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