Monday, August 31, 2009

Schedule Update

Just an update on my intended schedule (see below) - this is where I will be each day (tentatively as I have already discovered, it's bound to change)! If you know anyone close by to the areas that I can stay with that'd be great. I do want to try and stay as close to the city as possible - preferably within walking distance so that I don't have to spend a lot on transportation costs.

Also, in case you were wondering, I love it when people leave comments on my posts! So if you have something to say please feel free to share! :) Oh, and I put up more pictures on facebook this morning, so check them out!

Aug 31 Hillerod, Denmark
Sep 1-3 Arthus, Denmark
Sep 4 Ribe, Denmark
Sep 5-6 Hamburg, Germany
Sep 7-11 Berlin, Germany
Sep 9 Day trip to Wittenberg, Germany
Sep 12-15 Cologne, Germany
Sep 14 Day trip to Trier, Germany
Sep 15 Day trip to Koblenz, Germany
Sep 16 Heidelberg, Germany
Sep 17 Rothenberg, Germany
Sep 18-23 Munich, Germany
Oktoberfest one day
Day trip to castles on day
Sep 22 Day trip to Dachau, Germany
Sep 23-25 Dresden, Germany
Sep 25 Day trip to Gohrick, Germany
Sep 26-29 Prague, Czech Republic
Sep 30-Oct 1 Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Oct 2-4 Brno, Czech Republic
Oct 3 Day trip to Olomouc, Czech Republic
Oct 5-7 Budapest, Hungary
Oct 8-11 Budapest, Hungary
Oct 9 Day trip to Visgrad, Hungary
Oct 10 Day trip to Esztergon, Hungary
Oct 12 Plane to St. Petersburg, Russia
Oct 13-18 St. Petersburg, Russia
Oct 19 Plane to Athens, Greece


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So since you love it when people leave comments, I'm leaving you a comment. =P

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