Thursday, August 27, 2009

Touristing It Up

I was a tourist today, so much so that I have two blisters on my right foot. :( Boo! Hopefully they feel better tomorrow, but we'll see.

After my gigantic breakfast I talked with Eddie on skype and about 9am headed out of the day. I have decided to walk as much as possible and not use public transportation, unless I really need to. I think this will help me to save money, but also get the exercise that I have been lacking the last few months due mostly to my laziness and excuses. I walked several blocks up to the Marble Church only to discover that it did not open for another half hour. I quickly glanced at my notes and discovered that just about everything opens at 10. Well, there's a tip for the future, check museum times before arriving. Oh well, no harm done really.

Since I couldn't start my museum adventures for the day, I continued my walk further north to the statue of the Little Mermaid - the famous statue that I had no idea about until I started reseraching Copenhagen. :) I there discovered that every other tourist in the city was visiting her and trying to take a picture as well. I took a few snapshots and moved on - not that exciting if you ask me. The cruise ships were also in town today, so there was a lot of activity. I kept seeing the same people at the different places I went, I guess they had a similar itenerary to mine. One couple in particular was annoying me. They were taking immature pictures with statues and in one of the churches they moved some of the hymn numbers on the wall. Neither thing were completely terrible, but it just made me ask, "really?" on the inside. Why do people do things like that? Maybe I'm old or something, but I don't get it. At least they were not Americans, so they couldn't give "us" a bad name.

After saying hi to Ariel, I went to the Museum of Danish Resistance to learn about Denmark's part in World War II. It was really interesting. I haven't ever seen Nazi artifacts in real life so it was kind of eerie to see them. After the museum I had an hour to kill before I needed to be back at the Marble Church to climb to the top of the dome so I wandered around and quickly found myself at the palace across the street from the church. There was a large group gathered around and I wasn't sure what was going on until I realized it was almost noon - the changing of the guard must be about to happen. I pulled out my camera and snaped a few shots. The crowd however was more entertaining than the actual cermony we watched. People were literally running from one place to the next tryiing to get a front row spot to take a picture of the men in poofy hats - so silly!

I climbed to the top of the dome, which was really fun. I took some panoramic pictures of the city and enjoyed the breeze! It was a beautiful day in Copenhagen. I think I might have even gotten a little sun while I was out there. The funny part about the dome was that when we were coming back down to leave one of the doors had been shut and we couldn't get it open for a few minutes. Some people started to panic a little, but of course I played it cool. There was no way we'd get stuck in there for too long - we could just start yelling from the top down to people below if we had to! Fortunately someone figured it out fairly quickly and we were only trapped for maybe only 5 minutes.

After the dome I wandered around a bit and visited another church. I went to the grocery store to buy some food for lunch and dinner. I bought a bag of baby apples for 15kr, pita bread for 8kr, and some lunch meat for 5kr. All in all I spent about $5.50 for lunch and I had meat, pita, and apples left over. I ended up eating the rest of the meat for dinner as well as a pita, but I still have some left over for lunch/dinner tomorrow! I was so proud of myself for navigating the store and spending my money wisely - instead of eating at a restaurant for $15 or even a cafe for $8. The cheapest thing I've seen advertised for food is chinese food for $7.

I ate my little lunch on a park bench in a fairly busy part of town. There was another tourist sitting on the other end of the bench reading her book about Copenhagen when a guy sat down next to her to eat his lunch and began talking with her. As I listened to their conversation I had to laugh to myself - my parents would be so proud of me. This guy asked the girl if she was traveling alone (which she said yes), where she was from (Berlin), and many other questions about herself (which she answered). He ended up inviting her to a party at one of his friend's places tomorrow night and all I could think was, "don't go, you'll get Taken!" If you've seen the movie Taken you'll understand - my parents made me watch it before I left.

I called my mother and gave her an update. I guess I talked to her too long though as my phone cut out from running out of minutes. I guess that means I need to buy another calling card. Hmm ... I made my way to another museum that was supposed to have Queen Nephertiti's bust in it, but I'm pretty sure it was a replica or just a random Egyptian bust. Oh well. I only paid 20kr ($4) to get in, but I got the money back when I went to lock my bag in a locker and discovered that the person before me had forgotten to take their 20kr when they left! Score, free museum entry for Ann. I did stumble across a painting by Raphael of Madonna and Child. So cool!

I left the museum around 4:30 and didn't have time to make it to another before it closed at 5, so I wound my way back to the hostel where I discovered that my room was locked. Not good. I talked to the guy at the reception desk and he informed me that I had to change rooms. It would have been nice of them to let me know before they moved me. I had left a few items on my bed and they had collected them for me and placed them in a bag and left them in an alcove in the hallway. Nice. The front desk clerk informed me of my new room number and directed me to it.

Before I made my way to the new room I jumped online to update a few things and chatted with Shera and Eddie via IM. Eddie and I attempted skype again but the internet kept cutting out here, so I gave up. I was tired anyway and he had to get ready for his day. I found my new room and said a thank you prayer that the only available bed was not a super tall bunk bed (I hate climbing up into them). I decided to take a little nap since I was exhausted. Well, I'm not sure exactly how long I slept, but it was probably at least an hour! I guess I needed it! I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight, but somehow I don't think that'll be a problem. It's now almost 9pm and I think I'm going to try and be in bed by 10.

So, that was my day! I realize this was a rather long post - hopefully you weren't too bored reading it. I have started posting pictures on facebook. If you don't have a facebook account you can view them here. Well, that's it for now! I'm sure I'll have something to share in the morning!

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